{wear} top 7 lust list: topshop at nordstrom

12 Sep

The next best thing to our very own LA Topshop store? Topshop merch at Nordstom. Yes, that is right. If online shopping at topshop.com wasn’t tempting enough, now we can all stroll into Nordies for some face time, and instant gratification shopping. Talk about upping the temptation meter. Check out the Top 7 Topshop Pieces topping my Lust List… Right. This. Moment!

Danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, topshop nordstrom

  1. Topshop Dip Dye Cutout Plaid Shirt, $64
  2. Topshop Dip Dye Floral Studded Sweatshirt, $76
  3. Topshop ‘Lucy’ Paisley Print Miniskirt, $60
  4. Topshop Studded Camo Jacket, $116
  5. Topshop Metallic Jacquard Crop Cigarette Pants, $90
  6. Topshop Pop Art Print Origami Dress, $300
  7. Topshop Skull Sweater, $80

One Response to “{wear} top 7 lust list: topshop at nordstrom”

  1. Angel Quintana September 12, 2012 at 6:07 am #

    You should brand yourself as the go to it girl for fashion advice. This is a great post. 🙂

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