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{decorspiration} blac-cent walls

29 Aug

Whilst talking to myself in my head about this post, I decided to roll with a new word hyphenate – blac-cent. Black accent. It felt like a funny idea at the time. Not sure it’s going to hold up. Nevertheless, a black accent wall is oft considered a bold move. Mostly because it’s really hard to paint over it once you’ve done it, so it’s a pretty high commitment on the paint scale.

Personally, I’m a fan. I fear neither boldness, nor commitments. Here’s why…





less a wall, and more the cabinets, but a similar effect nonetheless

photo cred


{decorspiration} happy home accents

21 Aug

There’s something happy about warm gold, yellow, and cream tones that make a space a little brighter and a touch more glamorous. While I’m a big fan of white spaces and clean lines, I love to pepper a space with fun accents, like these…

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, happy home accents

  1. Between a Rock Lamp, $69
  2. Zag Tray, $98
  3. Gold Flatware, $29
  4. Succulent Sculpture, $16
  5. Winter Stallion by Leftbank Art, $339
  6. “Yes” Affirmation Banner, $45
  7. Craspedia Billy Ball Cluster, $55

{decorspiration} small but fierce, kitchens that is

9 Aug

danielle deojay, sequins and poniesMastering the art of small space decorating is a special feat, but one I really enjoy tackling, which is lucky when one lives in a city… Here are a few inspiring photos of small kitchens, done right.

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies


danielle deojay, sequins and ponies


danielle deojay, sequins and ponies

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies

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{decorspiration} day dreamy work spaces

2 Aug

I often daydream about a perfect world* where I work from home and have a lovely and inspiring home office, like these…

*a world where wrapping paper can live in safety (like photo 3) away from kitties who pull it out from under the bed and chew up the ends…

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

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{diy} painted mirrors project

18 Jul
danielle deojay,sequins and ponies,diy


I love peppering my loft’s decor with interesting accents that add visual interest to a mostly modern space. One of my favorite touches are funky, slightly ornate mirrors both for their texture and also for the space-expanding effect of mirrors. I’ve amassed a small collection over the years, some adorn the vanity area of my bathroom, and others have been scattered about — until today. A simple dose of white lacquer (my solution to many makeover projects, like these awesome vintage candle sticks) transformed a trio of mismatched vintage mirrors into a fun monochromatic display for the column in my loft.

What you need:

  • masking tape
  • newspaper / junk mail flyers
  • drop cloth
  • white lacquer spray paint
  • ventilation & a small amount of patience to let the paint dry between coats!

To do:

  1. set up your area with the drop cloth
  2. tape newspaper to the mirror being careful to cover all of the mirror, but none of the frame
  3. shake & spray — remember: don’t spray too close, keep the spray paint moving so you don’t over-saturate one spot, several light coats are better than one goopy thick one with drip spots.
  4. Let dry completely, hang, and admire your craftiness.
danielle deojay,sequins and ponies,diy


danielle deojay,sequins and ponies,diy

taped up and ready to paint with a plastic drop cloth

danielle deojay,sequins and ponies,diy

several light coats are best for the smoothest finish. Spray too much or too close and you get drips.




{decorspiration} ghostly seats

17 Jul

The ghost chair may not take up any visual space, but it definitely makes an impact. A must have on my decor love list!

{decorspiration} nothing dull in black and white

28 Jun

When you decorate in black and white it leaves room for serious impact with pops of color, texture, and appreciating the details.

{decorspiration) outdoor oasis

29 Nov

After spending the weekend in summery, sunny, Palm Springs I have been having daydreams about outdoor living. The oasis in the desert certainly lends itself to such a lifestyle — one I don’t fully get to take advantage of at my downtown loft, like the following lofty spaces…



{decorspiration} night light, night bright

9 Nov

Living in a city, in a high-rise, I miss out on certain things like…houses. A beautiful exterior, with great lighting makes a home welcoming as well as shows off its beauty. Like these…

photos from Houzz

{decorspiration} randomly fabulous

14 Jul

There is inspiration all around us and is all sorts of places from something as simple as a salt & pepper shaker to an elaborately decorated space. Today’s decorspiration is just that – a little haphazard and pretty random, but no less inspirational..

this bar looks less like a cocktail station and more like a display piece

there's something about this space that feels amazing - colorful tiles, lush greenery, and serene all at once

I love these string lights, they might need a home in my loft

for a very un-white space, this one feels very cool and interesting

most of these photos are from Houzz