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{decorspiration} blac-cent walls

29 Aug

Whilst talking to myself in my head about this post, I decided to roll with a new word hyphenate – blac-cent. Black accent. It felt like a funny idea at the time. Not sure it’s going to hold up. Nevertheless, a black accent wall is oft considered a bold move. Mostly because it’s really hard to paint over it once you’ve done it, so it’s a pretty high commitment on the paint scale.

Personally, I’m a fan. I fear neither boldness, nor commitments. Here’s why…





less a wall, and more the cabinets, but a similar effect nonetheless

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{decorspiration} small but fierce, kitchens that is

9 Aug

danielle deojay, sequins and poniesMastering the art of small space decorating is a special feat, but one I really enjoy tackling, which is lucky when one lives in a city… Here are a few inspiring photos of small kitchens, done right.

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies


danielle deojay, sequins and ponies


danielle deojay, sequins and ponies

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies

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{decorspiration} day dreamy work spaces

2 Aug

I often daydream about a perfect world* where I work from home and have a lovely and inspiring home office, like these…

*a world where wrapping paper can live in safety (like photo 3) away from kitties who pull it out from under the bed and chew up the ends…

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

danielle deojay, sequins and ponies, work spaces

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palm springs… miss you already

7 May

the flower girl does flowers — center piece assembly duty for the main event. Orchids & floating candles (not pictured) are simple and elegant.

The weekends I spend in Palm Springs are decidedly too few and far between. This weekend was yet another visit — to attend my friends’ incredible and fun wedding — that made me appreciate the little oasis of relaxation and happiness that’s just a short drive down The 10, yet feels a million miles away.

boutique hotels all the way — (if I can’t stay at The Parker) the Movie Colony feels like a home away from home with a laid-back vibe and easy amenities

Breakfast ritual – take-out by the pool from Cheeky’s. Mmmm brunchy BLTA.

cocktail hour & dinner at Melvyn’s is like stepping back in time, in all the best ways, including a mean martini

a homey hotel touch — real keys

working by the pool feels a little less like work, and comes with a side of bronze

{decorspiration} bertoia chairs, all wired up

16 Apr

The classics have been on my mind recently, Bertoia chairs hovering near the top of my list for must-have design pieces. Just looking at these shots transports me to a dream home in Palm Springs — it’s cocktail hour by the pool and we’ve just finished an afternoon nap…

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{decorspiration} atomic light

15 Dec

I adore Mid-Century iconic designs like the Sputnik chandelier, or my favorite basket chandelier. They are timeless, yet distinct.

photos from Houzz

{inspiration} chandelier dreams

13 Apr

I can’t wait to share my excitement over last weekend’s flea market score, but I’m just not quite ready for the big reveal. In the meantime, here’s a little hint — I’m obsessed with chandeliers!

A few bits of inspiration…

glamour is better in unexpected places

fascinating texture

caboche - a classic

multiply for drama

go big on shine, or go home

{decorspiration} lofty ambitions

7 Mar

I have a bit of a Goldie Locks complex, particularly when it comes to apartments. I browse Craigslist on a regular basis, and indulge my new place itch every 1-2 years in hopes of finding ‘juuuust right’.

Well, this weekend, I found a loft. A fabulous modern-meets-historic architecture gem, that hopefully will be my new home in roughly 30 days (fingers crossed). I hope you’re as excited for the Before & After Series as I am!

Today’s inspiration comes from several Apartment Therapy loft tours…

so jonathan adler meets mid-century modern

dramatic branch art, amazing credenza

walls of windows = bright space = bright colors pop

amazing open space & high ceilings - industrial chic

eclectic decor works in an old-meets-new loft space

incredible original flooring

{decorspiration} cool, calm, clean…WHITE

3 Mar

I adore a white room – not a boring, empty, lifeless white, but a space filled with rich textures, shimmer mirrors and glass, minus the color. Accent it with black, and I’m in love.

Today’s Decorspiration…

touches of black add detail but maintain the clean aesthetic

serene and relaxing, perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast with magazines

perfect backdrop to colorful cooking/baking

a nearly black floor grounds the space; greyhound statues = not too serious

a white on white interior draws the eye outside to colorful city views

{friday frosting} Golden, Furry, & All Dressed-Up

25 Feb

I’ve been distracted by big picture things lately, so bringing it back to the little things took some effort… nevertheless, today’s frosting from my world to yours….

A friend and I took a makeup class this week hoping to hone our technique and pick up a few new tricks. I’m not sure how much honing or trickifying really took place, but I now find myself a little obsessed with this bold MAC glitter. Add to that, fresh highlights which never fail to make me feel fresh & pretty – I’m golden and shiny all over!

MAC glitter in Reflects Bronze, Limited Edition Holiday Tartan Tin

I adopted this amazing arc lamp from my friend’s garage. My bedroom is in desperate need of an overhaul and I’d say this addition completes phase 1. I estimate about 5 phases left to go…

vintage arc lamp, Sex and the City final season poster, Urban Outfitters initial pillowcases, Chiasso sunburst mirror

Yet another flea market find, this cute glass jar finds its purpose: cotton ball storage.

I am an expert discount shopper. I don’t think I’ve ever left a Marshall’s empty-handed. Yesterday was no exception. I have big Saturday night plans for the black sweater dress…

sweater dress, Juicy Couture; striped dress, French Connection

I was digging around in my closet last week and happened to pull out my one piece of real fur — an amazing wrap that my aunt gave me a couple years ago. She had it restored and embroidered my name on the inside underneath hers. Every time I wear it – best paired with ripped jeans and a white tank — I imagine its history. I would never, ever, buy new fur, even the idea of purchasing vintage gives me pause, but I feel good wearing this gifted piece around my shoulders knowing it has traveled through generations.

1960s vintage fur wrap